No nature, No birds





When I was a little child, I had a passion for racing cars. I was excited to see the racing cars speeding along a circuit. I was fascinated by these simple, good-looking shaped cars, driving so fast just for a win and soon started to take pictures of them. One day while I was taking photos of a racing car, I found a small kingfisher near there. It was surprising to see the wild birds near the river in Tokyo.

As a kingfisher is referred to as a gem of a stream, the colors of this wild bird are very beautiful. In addition, it is also famous as a good hunter. When the bird finds a small fish or a bug in the water, it dives into the water like a shot and catches the prey. The kingfishers are thought as savage creatures that have evolved from dinosaurs.
I was so impressed by the way of its smart hunting and splendid figure which leads to racing cars. Then I decided to take photos of this bird, it is more beautiful.

Through taking the photo of kingfishers, I realized there is still a lot of nature remaining in Tokyo and many wild birds exist together there. On the other hand, I am aware of a problem on the destruction of nature and the extinction of wild animals. The wild animals have been evolving with circumstances and adapting to them. However, the destruction of nature caused by human beings is so fast that the wild birds can’t keep up with development. I am afraid those birds would extinction someday. If so, I have to keep taking pictures of them all the more.

In Japan, the word ‘Kacho-Fugetsu’(花鳥風月) means the beauty of nature; flower, birds, wind and moon, which are common Japanese motifs for art. Especially, ‘the birds’ has been essential to express the beauty of Japanese scenery since olden days. I want to keep taking photographs of Japanese scenery beautifully. And I hope those wild birds can stay alive peacefully and nature will be saved for long. This is my hope from the bottom of my heart.